Employment Visa Backlog? Temporary Solutions Come to the Rescue


Are you a holder of an H-1B visa or waiting for a green card? According to new updates in the USCIS policy, you can get authorization documents (EADs) in certain situations. You shouldn't worry about a possible delay in your employment visa backlog. Whether you’re temporarily unemployed or don’t have an immigrant status, there is a solution for you. 

Find out if you have the right to get an EAD. You need to meet the obligatory requirements: 

  • A presence of the Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers (I-140 Form). 
  • Have a nonimmigrant status.
  • Your family members and you must have clean records. 
  • Biometrics is a must for both you and your family members. 
  • Check your immigrant visa date for it not to be current. 

Now, let’s talk about the circumstances to be eligible for an EAD. These are the most common cases, according to the USCIS policy updates. 

  • You’ve got serious health problems that prevent you from continuing your job.
  • You’ve got kids of the school age.
  • You’ve been involved in some dispute with the company you work for.
  • You’ve suffered from serious harm from your employer.

Take into account that the list of circumstances for the EAD qualification can be changed annually. If you’ve met all the requirements once, but later they’ve changed, your EAD won’t be extended automatically. 

However, it’s a great temporary solution that will come to the rescue until you don’t deal with the existing circumstances. So, check if you can qualify for an EAD until you find a new company to work for or get a new visa.

Last Updated 11/18/23 11:27:05AM

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