How to Sponsor Your Relative for a Green Card: Federal Poverty Instructions


Whether you want to help your relative get a green card or sponsor a non-immigrant US visitor, check the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). You should provide the data about your financial status, and the USCIS will decide if you can be a sponsor. Take into account that the Form I-864P is updated annually. 

Do you want to find out what the FPG is for you? Two things affect the FPG: the state you reside in at the moment and your household size. 

It isn’t surprising that the household size is considered in the FPG. The larger your household is, the more income you must have to sustain it. The household size is at least two individuals: the sponsor and the person they want to support. 

The most expensive places to live in are Hawaii and Alaska. If you live in one of the mentioned territories, you’ll need to use a separate chart of the Federal Guidelines. As for other states, there is a single chart for reference.

Form I-864: Tips on How to Use the Guidelines

Do you want your relative to hold a green card? Then, you should play the role of a sponsor. Whether you have sufficient income or not, you need to fill in Form I-864. It’s called an “Affidavit of Support”. 

What income is considered sufficient for being a sponsor? If you want your relative to get a green card, you should have not less than 125% of the FPG for the appropriate household. There is a separate category of sponsors who can have 100% of the Federal Guidelines to be eligible. They are people on active duty in the armed forces.

Form I-134: What Is It for?

Do you want to sponsor your fiance or just a non-immigrant visitor? The Declaration of Financial Support is a must for you. For this, you should provide income that is 100% of the FPG for the appropriate household size. Form I-134 is required to demonstrate your financial resources. 

What Chart Is Used for Most Territories?

As has already been said, there is a standard chart valid for citizens of 48 states. They include Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Nothern Mariana Islands. 

When preparing a Form I-864, choose “125% of FPG”. This doesn’t refer to those who are on active duty. They should use the column “100 % of FPG”.

Sponsors from Alaska

Are you from Alaska and want to provide financial support to a non-immigrant visitor or your relative? Then, you should use a non-standard chart. Here is a table that you need to use according to the FPG. 

Size of your household

100% of FPG























  • person


  • $8.038

Sponsors from Hawaii

Do you live in Hawaii? Then, you should use a separate chart designed for residents of this territory. 

Size of your household











$ 43.125



$ 50.513



$ 57.900







  • each new person
  • $5.910
  • $7.388

Examples for Sponsors to Check

  • K-1 Example

John is a citizen of the USA who wants to support his bride to get a K-1 visa. He needs to provide an I-134 Form where he demonstrates his financial status. The income must be not less than 100% of the FPG. 

At the moment, John is unmarried. He lives in Alaska. His income for two people should be not less than $24.640, according to the Alaska chart. 

  • Green card sponsor

Kate is a resident of the USA. She lives with her daughter Kris, who is a 10-year-old kid. She has married Peter. If the woman wants Peter to join her, she must fill in the I-864 Form and provide an Affidavit of Support. It’s necessary to mention 3 people as the household size and have the income corresponding to the state chart.

Do you find it difficult to prepare the Declaration of Support for non-immigrants?
Then, the best solution is to go to specialists who will make it clear to you.

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