Identifying the Specifics of Your Immigrant Visa Application or Adjustment of Status


Part 3, Question 1 of Form I-90, a crucial document in the process of replacing your Permanent Resident Card, seeks specific details about the origins of your immigrant visa application or adjustment of status. Essentially, this segment requests clarity on where your initial green card application process took place.

To respond accurately, you'll need to trace back to the method you utilized to secure your green card: was it through consular processing or by adjusting your status while within the U.S.?

Navigating Through the Adjustment of Status

Suppose your green card was obtained while you were on U.S. soil, facilitated by submitting the 'Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status' (known as Form I-485). In that case, you need to specify the city and state of the USCIS office that accepted your application. This is typically the service center that oversaw the intricate procedures of your I-485 application.

Additionally, the exact USCIS office that greenlit your I-485 can be discerned from the information imprinted on your green card.

Understanding the Consular Processing Route

For those who trod the path of consular processing, applying for an immigrant visa outside the confines of the U.S., the required information veers slightly. Here, you should denote the city and country hosting the U.S. embassy or consulate that processed your initial visa application.

Should your entry into the U.S. be under the auspices of an immigrant visa obtained through consular processing, it's imperative to accurately fill out questions 3.a. and 3.a1. Question 3.a. inquires about your first point of settlement within the U.S. — not necessarily your point of entry but rather where you intended to establish your residence. For instance, even if your entry point was Nogales, Arizona, but your ultimate destination was reuniting with relatives in Denver, Colorado, you should list "Denver, Colorado."

For those seeking a more guided experience in filling out these sections of Form I-90, resources like CitizenPath's online I-90 preparation service are invaluable. This service provides detailed, stepwise assistance, ensuring that each response aligns perfectly with your personal immigration narrative.

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