Key Insights into Form I-140: Processing Details, Costs, and Requirements for the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker


What Do You Need to Know About Form I-140: The Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers?

Form I-140, known as the "Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker," is crucial for U.S. employers looking to fill job openings with foreign nationals when qualified U.S. workers are unavailable. This form serves as a formal request to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), verifying that the foreign worker possesses the required skills, qualifications, and experience to perform the job duties. It is a fundamental step for foreign workers seeking to secure employment-based immigration benefits.

Additionally, it's important for applicants to note that starting April 1, 2024, all submissions of Form I-140 must utilize the latest edition dated 04/01/24. With the USCIS fee increase taking effect on the same date, there will be no grace period allowed for using older versions of the form. Submissions made with outdated forms after this date will be rejected, making it essential for petitioners to ensure they use the correct and current form to avoid processing delays and complications.

The Timeline for Form I-140 Processing

The duration it takes to process Form I-140 can fluctuate widely based on various factors such as the specific USCIS field office handling the petition, the intricacy of the case, and the current volume of petitions being processed. While USCIS regularly updates the estimated processing times, these are not guarantees and may adjust due to changing circumstances. It is important for petitioners to stay informed of any updates from USCIS regarding processing times to manage expectations and plan accordingly. Additionally, external events or policy changes can further influence these timeframes, impacting how quickly applications move through the system.

Premium Processing for Form I-140

For an additional charge of $2,805, certain categories of immigrant workers can opt for premium processing of their Form I-140, which guarantees processing within 15 to 45 calendar days. This service provides a quicker resolution, beneficial for both the employer and the foreign worker eager to advance their employment-based immigration status.

Filing Fees for Form I-140

The standard filing fee for Form I-140 is currently set at $715, payable to USCIS upon submission. Typically, the sponsoring employer, who files on behalf of the foreign worker, covers this cost. Ensuring the timely and correct payment of this fee is crucial as it supports the administrative processing of the immigration petition. It is also important for employers to factor in these costs when planning their budget for sponsoring foreign workers.

Who Can File Form I-140?

Form I-140, the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, is typically filed by U.S. employers or their authorized agents to facilitate the permanent residency of foreign workers under specific employment-based visa categories. It is essential for employers to ensure their nominees qualify under the designated categories and that they, as petitioners, meet the filing requirements.

Applicable Visa Categories for Form I-140

EB-1: For priority workers, including those with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational executives or managers.

EB-2: For professionals holding advanced degrees or individuals with exceptional abilities.

EB-3: Includes skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.

EB-4: Special immigrant category, covering religious workers, broadcasters, and certain employees of U.S. foreign service posts.

EB-5: For immigrant investors who contribute a substantial amount of capital to a new commercial enterprise that generates at least ten full-time jobs for U.S. workers, with investment thresholds of $1.8 million or $900,000 in a targeted employment area.

It's crucial for U.S. employers to carefully assess and verify the qualifications of the foreign worker against the stringent criteria set for each visa category. This verification includes evaluating the availability of qualified U.S. workers who could fill the position, as prioritizing domestic labor is a significant consideration in these petitions. Employers should consult with immigration experts to navigate the complexities of these categories to ensure a successful application process.

Necessary Documents for Form I-140 Submission

The documents needed to support a Form I-140 petition can vary based on the immigrant category being applied for. Nonetheless, there are general requirements that apply to most filings.

Employer Documentation

  1. Financial Capability: Documents proving the employer’s financial stability and ability to pay the proposed wage, such as financial statements, tax returns, or audited accounts.
  2. Employment Capacity: Evidence demonstrating the employer's capability to hire and oversee the beneficiary, such as organizational charts or HR records.

Beneficiary Documentation

  1. Professional Resume: A current resume or curriculum vitae of the beneficiary.
  2. Academic Credentials: Copies of diplomas, transcripts, and degrees showcasing educational qualifications.
  3. Recommendation Letters: Letters from former employers or colleagues attesting to the beneficiary's skills and experiences.
  4. Work Experience Documentation: Evidence of relevant work history, which may include letters from past employers, tax records, or other pertinent documents.
  5. Passport: A copy of the beneficiary's valid passport.
  6. Visa Status: Documentation of the beneficiary's current work visa status.
  7. I-94 Travel Record: A copy of the I-94 Travel Record to confirm legal entry and status in the U.S.

Each of these documents plays a critical role in establishing both the employer's readiness and the beneficiary’s eligibility under the desired immigrant category. Ensuring that all paperwork is thorough and accurate is crucial for a smooth application process.

Job-Related Documentation

  1. Labor Certification (PERM): A certified PERM application from the Department of Labor, confirming labor conditions approval.
  2. Job Description: A comprehensive description of the job, including title, duties, and responsibilities.
  3. Job Offer Documentation: A copy of the job offer letter or an employment verification letter from the employer.

It's crucial to be aware that USCIS might require further evidence or conduct additional verification steps, such as requesting more documents or scheduling an in-person interview. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the application is thorough, accurate, and includes all required supporting documents to facilitate a smooth review and approval process.

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