Top 8 Dating Apps for Foreigners and Newcomers


Description: Whether you’re a single who has moved to the US or an American by birth, proven dating apps can come in handy! 

Dating these days has been through profound transformations. The area covered by dating applications is now almost unlimited. You can find a soulmate in any part of the globe and keep this connection anytime. If you look well, there is something to find for every person and ways to brighten up your life. 

At the same time, no dating app is perfectly suited, especially for immigrants. It’s all about seeking and using available features that can become the key to effective matching. A special advice for newbies is to use free trials just to try out these apps, see what a profile would look like, and if searching is convenient. 

  1. Hinge.
    While some other apps aim to find mates instantly and just go out, Hinge is designed for those interested in the long run. In fact, its other and informal name is ‘the app for people who can’t stand online dating’. This means it is created to be deleted someday, once and for all.
    Be ready to invest some time in filling out your profile and don’t overlook fields such as ‘Education’, ‘Ethnicity’, and ‘Religion’. These will let you come across someone most compatible. 
  2. Tinder.
    With its fire icon, Tinder is something to consider for anyone with a fast rhythm of life. Not necessarily for many dates or profound profiles, the app is available in over 190 countries, is the most popular casual dating app across the world, and offers endless pairing-up capabilities. It also has an intuitive design, little time to start, and many free features. 
  3. Zoosk.
    If you’re tired of standard ways to break the ice online, look at his app for a personalized experience. Based on your click and message history, the algorithm will recommend people with the preferences and backgrounds you’re interested in. 
  4. Bumble.
    The app is more versatile than an average dating app. With versions for business (Bumble Bizz) and friendships (Bumble BFF), it tops ratings because of its ability to connect users for a variety of purposes.
    Its handy Travel mode lets you make your location public to show you are open to meeting new faces in new places. At the same time, women here get more freedom – in fact, they are the ones to get conversations going. 
  5. Color Dating App.
    What makes this one special is its focus mainly on international pairing up. If you’re particularly pursuing that or don’t mind dating those coming from different cultures, this community is a great choice. Here, it’s easy to filter potential matches by race, ethnicity, and background.
  6. eHarmony.
    Over two million users in the United States are enjoying eHarmony's algorithm for finding dates and its guided messaging. In contrast to fast hookup tools, this one is more centered around building committed relationships. Taking just a bit more than half an hour to add info to a profile it boasts amazing results. The matching questionnaire will help you not to waste time on the wrong person. 
  7. Match.
    Having been around for almost 30 years (as a website), Match is probably one of the oldest and safest. You can conduct a potential partner’s background check, attend useful offline events at discounted prices, and cancel anytime. It is also free to find dates according to preferences and criteria.
  8. InternationalCupid.
    Again, if your goal is an international date, this place is a nice place to start. Created specifically for making contact with other singles in all countries, the app connects you to people from overseas at the starting price of $13.75 per month. Messaging, however, is only convenient when you upgrade your membership.
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