Selective Service number – what is it?

The Selective Service System is the US government agency that is responsible for the information on ...

What should you know about the Oath of Allegiance?

To begin with, the Oath of Allegiance is the last step a person is bound to take before that person ...

Should all the children be listed on N-400 form?

To put everything in the simplest way – yes, they should. Here is what you need to provide whi...

How does time outside the U.S. count and how are you supposed to state it in the N-400 form?

The fact is that naturalization requires precise information about your time spent outside America t...

Form I-751 – what is it? This is the application asking for the removal of conditions on residence.

Form I-751 is also recognized as the Petition of Removal of Conditions on Residence, it is the petit...

How can you discover your travel records required for the N-400 application?

It is a fact that in order to fill out Form N-400 properly you are bound to list all the trips that ...

How should you list regular trips outside the U.S. on Form N-400?

Very often, permanent residents reside close to the border and this means that some regular trips ar...

When does permanent resident time begin?

It starts with the date when the corresponding status was acquired. In case you wonder where you may...

Conditional green card – what do you need to know about it?

To begin with, it should be pointed out that a conditional type of green card is given to those peop...

In case you lose your work permit (EAD) or it is stolen or even mutilated – what should you do?

There is a special Form I-765 that should be used in case you need to replace your work permit docum...


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