What is Form G-1145 and do I need to use it?

To begin with, it should be stated that Form G-1145 is not mandatory, you file for it on your will. ...

Is any personal information included in e-notifications from USCIS?

The e-notification is sent by USCIS after your application and the Form G-1145 was received by them....

When does the e-notification come?

To begin with, it should be mentioned that only one email or text notification will be sent to you f...

Is there a separate Mailing address for Form G-1145?

The fact is that there is no separate mailing address for G-1145 form. All you need and can do is at...

Am I a US citizen if one of my parents is?

Children are considered to be citizens of America if any of their parents is or became one just befo...

What is the difference between a Country of Nationality and a Country of Birth in terms of Form N-400?

To begin with, it is safe to emphasize that these two terms are in fact different. The Country of Bi...

Can you apply for N-400 after your green card gets expired?

Even though the green is expired you still remain a permanent resident. However, there are times whe...

When to apply for the Form I-751 in order to remove the conditions on residence?

If you want the conditions to be removed of your residence then you need to apply for Form I-751. Ke...

How old a person should be to file Form N-400?

It should be noted that before you start the naturalization process (Form N-400) you need to check w...

How to attach additional records to my N-400 application?

There are times when a standard form is not enough to fit in all the information you are about to pr...


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