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Download the I-800 form, an application for recognition of a supporter of the convention as a direct relative. The prospective adoptive parent of a US citizen submits a petition for the completion of the child’s immigration process, which usually resides in the country covered by the Convention. The applicant must have an approved, valid Form I-800A “Statement of Determination of Eligibility for Adoption of a Child from a Convention Country” for filing Form I-800. To successfully approve the application, fill out all sections of the form, with no exceptions. If you are filing I-800 Form for the first time for a child, on the basis of I-800A Form, no filing fee will be charged. If you are filing for more than one I-800 form over the term, for different children, the charge for the second and each subsequent I-800 form is paid. However, if the children are relatives before the intended adoption, an additional registration fee is not required.
Download the pdf file from the link below.

Download PDF Form,Download I-800 Form

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October 23, 2019

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