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Form I-800 | Petition to Classify Convention Adoptee as an Immediate Relative

Download the I-800 form, an application for recognition of a supporter of the convention as a direct relative. The prospective adoptive parent of a US citizen submits a petition for the completion of the child’s immigration process, which usually resides in the country covered by the Convention. The applicant must have an approved, valid Form I-800A “Statement of Determination of Eligibility for Adoption of a Child from a Convention Country” for filing Form I-800. To successfully approve the application, fill out all sections of the form, with no exceptions. If you are filing I-800 Form for the first time for a child, on the basis of I-800A Form, no filing fee will be charged. If you are filing for more than one I-800 form over the term, for different children, the charge for the second and each subsequent I-800 form is paid. However, if the children are relatives before the intended adoption, an additional registration fee is not required.
Download the pdf file from the link below.

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