B-2 Tourist Visa


Do you want to visit USA with the purpose of business, tourism, studying English not less than 18 hours per week or medical treatment? Then you need to get B-2 Tourist visa! This visa can be issued for a single round trip or for an indefinite period. It can be issued either for a single entry or multiple ones.


  • There is no sponsor required for B-2 Tourist Visa.
  • Easy application. The application form can be filled out at the United States consulate in the native country. Usually the decision is made immediately or within a short while.
  • Status change. While in the United States, the visitor can apply to change the status.


When turning for this kind of visa, you can be surprised that there are no clear requirements for the list of documents that should be provided. Aside from a valid passport and the filled application form, each foreign citizen should bring the documents that clarify the situation and the purpose of the upcoming trip. The Visa Applicant must persuade the consular officer that he/ she will leave the U.S. after the end of the visit. Also the Applicant must prove that an unauthorized employment in the United States isn’t on the agenda. Therefore, B-2 Tourist Visa can be given to a person with a certain financial capability. The Applicant must show that his/her funds are enough to cover the accommodation as well as other expenses while in the U.S.

Terms and Limitations

The duration of the foreigner’s legal stay in USA is different from the term of this touristic visa. The initial stay should be no more than 6 months.

Limited Accessibility: The duration of the foreigner’s legal stay in the U.S. is defined by the date when he or she should departure. In default, it is the date after 6 months after the entry. However, the border patrol agent can re-define it and limit the duration of the legal stay, according to various circumstances.

Any employment is forbidden in the United States of America while entering on a B-2 Tourist Visa basis.

This visa is not valid for the spouse, children or other family member. Each of them must apply for and receive their own visa.

Suggested Documentation for B-2 Visa application

The Applicant’s documents should demonstrate the limited term of the trip, the intention to return to the native country and the financial ability to support oneself during the trip. These documents include but not limited with the following:

  1. Title deed document for any kind of property;
  2. Strong business and family ties in the native country;
  3. Travel documents with the indicated term of the trip that prove the foreigner intends to return back home;
  4. Letter from the person in the United States that is inviting the foreigner with the indicated terms and purposes of the visit ;
  5. Bank records and other documents that guarantee the foreigner’s ability to afford all sorts of expenses during the stay.
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