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Should all the children be listed on N-400 form?

To put everything in the simplest way – yes, they should. Here is what you need to provide while filing the Form N-400 in the section devoted to the information about your children:

  1. The total number of children. Even if they are missing or untimely passed all of your children should be listed. It does not matter where they were born, their age, marital status or whether they live together with you. This concerns your stepchildren, adopted children as well those born outside your marriage or from previous marriages.
  2. In case you feel like there may be a need for an additional sheet of paper – feel free to use it since all the information about all of your children should be provided in a correct and precise form. You need to include: current legal name; A-Number (if applicable); date of birth; country of birth; its relationship to you (biological child, stepchild, legally adopted child); and current address.
  • In case your child lives with you, you need to state that “Child Residing With Me” where the address should be stated;
  • In case you live separately you need to provide their current address.
  • In case of missing or deceased children, you need to state that precisely, for instance, “Child Missing” or “Child Deceased” in the fields dedicated to addressing.

March 5, 2019

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