Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. have a free trade agreement. Although the agreement was initially called NAFTA, it was updated to USMCA in 2018. Under the USMCA, citizens of Canada or Mexico can apply for TN Visa in order to get a professional occupation in the U.S. TN is a non-immigrant visa that allows to work on a temporary basis in the U.S. It is available for Mexican and Canadian citizens only. This kind of visa is not available for those that have a permanent resident card.

If you have the appropriate experience, education, or qualifications in one of the professions on the TN visa list, you can easily cross the border for employment in the U.S. The list of professions includes lawyers, engineers, teachers, accountants, occupational therapists and other professionals (see below).

TN Visa Degree Requirement:

General requirements for this type of visa are the following:

  • To be the citizen of Canada or Mexico;
  • The occupation should be in the USMCA list;
  • You must have the offer of a full or part-time job from an employer in the U.S.
  • The job offer should contain one of the occupations from the USMCA list;
  • You must meet all requirements for education and work experience defined in your specific application;
  • You must provide evidence that you intend to return back home after your visa expires.

Most occupations on the TN visa list require at least a bachelor’s degree. Some of them require a master’s degree. Some professionals may be asked to notarize their diploma if the training has taken place outside of the United States.

TD Visa:

The spouse and unmarried under-age children of the TN Visa holder can get the derivative status or TD Visa. This status doesn’t permit any employment in the U.S.

How TN-1 visa works for Canadians

Citizens of Canada that visit the United States with the purpose of employment on an TN-1 visa must meet the following requirements:

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship (a valid passport);
  • Evidence of a job offer in the U.S., including the name of the company, the description of the position, work experience, and the education required.
  • Pay fees ranging from $50 to $56 required, depending on whether you cross the airport or the land border in the United States.

How TN-2 visa works for Mexicans

Mexican citizens must apply for TN visa online before visiting the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. They can’t just fill out a visa application while at a border crossing point in the United States.

The TN visa status will only be granted if the period of stay is temporary.

TN Visa Extension/ Renewal

The number of TN visa extensions is unlimited. As long as you work in the U.S. and have strong ties to your home country in Canada or Mexico, you should have no problem extending the TN visa indefinitely.

TN Visa Occupation List (NAFTA/USMCA):

60 occupations in the TN list are the following:

  1. Accountant
  2. Architect
  3. Animal Breeder
  4. Animal Scientist
  5. Apiculturist
  6. Astronomer
  7. Biochemist
  8. Biologist
  9. Chemist
  10. Computer System Analyst
  11. Diary Scientist
  12. Dentist
  13. Dietitian
  14. Disaster Relief Insurance Claims Adjuster
  15. Economist
  16. Engineer
  17. Entomologist
  18. Epidemiologist
  19. Forester
  20. Geneticist
  21. Geochemist
  22. Geographer
  23. Geologist
  24. Geophysicist
  25. Graphic Designer
  26. Horticulturist
  27. Hotel Manager
  28. Industrial Designer
  29. Interior Designer
  30. Land Surveyor
  31. Landscape Architect
  32. Lawyer
  33. Librarian
  34. Management Consultant
  35. Mathematician
  36. Medical Lab Technologist
  37. Meteorologist
  38. Nurse
  39. Nutritionist
  40. Occupational Therapist
  41. Oceanographer
  42. Pharmacist
  43. Pharmacologist
  44. Physician
  45. Physicist
  46. Physio /Physical Therapist (baccalaureate or state license is required)
  47. Plant Breeder
  48. Poultry Scientist
  49. Psychologist (baccalaureate and state license is required)
  50. Range Manager
  51. Recreational Therapist
  52. Research Assistant (baccalaureate and U.S. job in a post-secondary educational institute)
  53. Scientific Technician or Technologist
  54. Social Worker
  55. Soil Scientist
  56. Statistician
  57. Teacher - no secondary or elementary school teaching
  58. Veterinarian (DVM, DMV, or state/provincial license)
  59. Vocational Counselor
  60. Writer, Technical Publications
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