Diversity Visa Lottery: Things to Know If You’re the Lucky One


Have you taken part in the diversity visa program that the US government holds? Then, hurry up to check your name among the winners for 2024. They’ve already announced those lucky ones. The government has chosen over 50,000 people who can participate in the visa program for immigrants and get US resident status. 

So, how does it work? Who can get a green card? The visa program for immigrants refers to the citizens of foreign countries that don’t send many immigrants to the United States. The diversity lottery is aimed at those who don’t have an opportunity to become legal immigrants in any other way. 

Visa Application Procedure: How to Apply and Get the Result?

If you want to enter the diversity visa program, you should provide all the necessary information online. The good news is that you don’t need to pay to fill out a form. 

Where can I see the results? Just go to the State Department's official website. There is a portal where applicants can find out the current status check. Everyone who registers for the lottery gets the confirmation information. You’ll need it when you want to check the status. 

Remember that they won’t send you any notifications on their own. You should use the check portal to see if you’ve been selected. In 2023, they plan to announce the results by the end of September.

Is Being Selected in the Program the Same as Getting a Green Card?

Applicants should understand that nobody knows if they can have a resident status. The approval means that you have the right to try your luck. Those who’ve been selected can apply for the green card.

After the selection, you should fill out the information required for the green card application. The main idea is to persuade the US government that you deserve the right to get the status of a permanent resident. 

To complete the process, you should fill out the visa application for immigrants (DS-260 form). Then, there is an interview for applicants at the Embassy. As has already been said, there is no fee when you enter the lottery. But if you’ve been selected for further participation, you must be ready to pay any filing fee.

Do you have an intention to apply for a green card? Don’t postpone this process. Start at your earliest convenience, as visas will be issued until the 30th of September this year.

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