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How should you list regular trips outside the U.S. on Form N-400?

Very often, permanent residents reside close to the border and this means that some regular trips are unavoidable. As you may already know, apply for N-400 means that you are bound to list all the trips exceeding 24 hours over the past 5 years. However, for people who live close to the border, such trips may be just too many to list them all.

There is still a possible way out. The fact remains – you need to provide the best complete list of all the numerous trips outside the country. However, it is suggested that you attach those trips as an additional attachment to the N-400 form. All you need is to write “See attachment” in the field suggested for the country in Part 9, Item 3.

This template may be of help in case you have too many regular trips to state:

“N-400 Addendum: Part 9, Item 3: Time Outside the United States.

During the past 5 years, I made regular trips to (City, Country) that are too numerous to accurately document with detailed dates. These trips were for the purpose of (provide a reason). I generally made the trip (frequency e.g. twice a month); I would cross the border on a (e.g. Friday and return to the U.S. on a Sunday). During the last five years, I estimate that I made (x) trips that lasted (x) days per trip. Therefore, I am estimating that I spent a total of (x) days outside the United States for this regular trip.”

After you are done with the template all that is left is print it out and put it behind the N-400 form.

March 1, 2019

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